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About HJ-Technics

This Website is brought to you by HJ.Technics. HJ.Technics is primarily active as a supplier of professional cooling solutions in the metalworking in Germany and other European countries as well as in the USA. The headquarters of HJ.Technics is centrally located on the Danish mainland near Vejle, about 60 miles from the German-Danish border. An important part of our business activities is the sale of minimum lubrication systems and technical oils, such as environmentally friendly lubricants and cutting agents, to the metalworking industry in Europe and the US.

HJ.Technics supplies complete solutions for all processes in the metal industry, e.g.

  • Cutting steel
  • Band and circular saws
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Cutting aluminum
  • Rolling lines
  • Punching processes

HJ.Technics / Denmark
Høllundvej 4
DK-7100 Vejle


Phone:   +45 7020 2047 (Please note the time difference approx. -8 hours)

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