IP codes versus NEMA

The Ingress Protection System (IP System) is commonly used in Europe. Hence IP and NEMA use different test parameters, the two systems are only comparable to a limited extent.

The two IP numbers relate to the level of protection, where the first number stands for solid and the second number relates to liquid substances e.g. acting on a housing. As you can learn from the table below, IP54 corresponds with NEMA 3, 3S or 13. The SAP coolant pump SA, PA-35, PA-70 and PA-150 all meet the requirements of IP54

IP codes versus NEMA codes

There is another IP protection class, IPx8, which is the one with the highest possible level of protection against the ingress of liquids or moisture. It is defined as follows:

IPx8 Protection against indefinite immersion in water under a specified pressure. The pump ES-P meets this protection class.